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Uniquely handcrafted, 100% ocean inspired.

About US

 My love for jewelry design began while we lived on a small out island of the Bahamas for about 5 years.  We spent countless days with our three boys out on the water surfing, diving and treasure hunting.  I started to make jewelry pieces as gifts out of the sea glass and shells my boys would bring home. After reading many books and endless online classes, I learned simple silversmithing techniques, electroforming, drilling and wire wrapping.  


We have since moved to Coastal North Carolina where I have continued with my jewelry design passion and love sharing my designs.


I am inspired by the ocean and love all aspects of it. My goal is to design my jewelry to reflect in some way the simple beauty of nature.   I am able to clearly see God's invisible qualities and understand Him more through the ocean He created. (Romans 1:20) 

         My Jewelry


Most of my online jewelry is now made from hand tumbled, recycled glass and sustainably harvested shells.  My goal is create affordable, quality pieces that can be enjoyed for years to come and bring happy memories of warm summer days by the water.  I have recently found a wonderful silversmithing family who have been able to help me expand a few of my silver designs using the recycled sea glass pieces. The sea glass pieces will vary slightly in shape and size.  Each item of jewelry is unique and handmade with love for you and carries a little piece of paradise to brighten your day!


God Bless,

Ann Ligon

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