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Perfect Mothers Day or Birthday gift for mermids!  Petite woven sea glass bead bracelet made from recycled hand tumbled 4mm sea glass beads and waterproof gray thread.   You can choose the bead color that coordinates with your childrens birth month  or you favorite color. These are great for layering so you can add as many bracelets as you like.


 This beach bracelet is adjustable by pulling the end ties apart or together. It measures about 3.25 inches in diameter when fully expanded and can be adjusted to fit most wrists.   


Choose your Month or favorite color.  


January-Garnet Red. {Faith- Courage.-Love}


February--Amethyst Purple {Strength-Family-Protection}


March--Aquamarine. {Hope-Bravery-Creativity}


April--White/Clear. {Peace-Romance-Purity}


May-Emerald Green {Health-Wealth-Faithfulness}


June-- Periwinkle Purple {Balance-Luck-Creativity}


July--Ruby Red {Strength-Good Fortune-Passion}


August--Peridot Green. {Luck-Strength-Positivity}


September-Sapphire Blue. {Wisdom-Modesty}


October--Opal Off White {Balance-Restoration}


November--Topaz Orange  {Energy-Joy}


December--Turquoise Blue {Growth-Healing-Protection}




It comes in a recycled box and is ready to be given as a gift. Perfect for beach lovers, surfers or anyone who loves the water!!

Birthstone Color Sea Glass Woven Bracelet-Mothers Day Gift

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