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Petite Gold Aquamarine Blue Sea Glass Pendant set in a 24k Gold Plated bezel with an open back.  The gold plating is over .925 sterling silver and plated with 1.5 microns of 24k gold. 


This beach necklace comes on an 18 inch 14k gold filled chain and the sea glass pendant measures about 10x14mm. Please note the size on the last model picture. The glass is hand tumbled made from recycled glass to resemble ocean tumbled glass using colors inspired by the ocean.


Each pendant will vary slightly in shape. Ready to be given as a gift with a card and hand stamped box.  Perfect Mothers Day Gift, Birthday Gift or gift for yourself :)


About my jewelry: I began making jewelry when I lived in the Bahamas and started collecting sea glass. I was inspired by the sea and now make jewelry to reflect my love of the ocean. I like to incorporate the ocean into most pieces I make. Each item has been handcrafted with love for you and carries a little piece of paradise to brighten your day!


Tips on How to Care for Your Plated Jewelry:


 1: Apply cosmetics, hair products, lotions, perfumes and powders prior to donning your jewelry.


2: Prevent your items from being exposed to moisture.


 3: Remove your pieces before showering, swimming, sunbathing and exercising.


4: Prevent damage by removing your jewelry at bedtime.


5: Metals may tarnish over time due to oxygen and natural body oils, so to reduce tarnishing store jewelry in a sealed bag or box in a dry, dark and cool place.


6. Clean gently with a soft microfiber cloth

Petite Gold Sea Glass Pendant Necklace

Sea Glass Color
  • The sea glass is made from hand tumbled recycled glass and each piece comes on a card and hand stamped box.

    Most pieces will ship in 1-2 days via USPS First Class Mail and will take 3-5 days for delivery depending on location.  

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