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Minimalist drop sea glass earrings. Simple pebble earrings drilled in the top and hanging on sterling silver ear wires.  The glass is cultured and made with recycled glass in colors that remind me of ocean hues. These minimalist beach earrings would make a great gift for all beach lovers in your life.


The earrings measure about 30mm or 1.25 inches in length. Each piece of sea glass will vary slightly in size and shape as they are hand tumbled and unique. They come on a custom card and hand stamped box ready to be given as a gift. 


Colors available: White, Sea Foam Green, Teal Green, Aquamarine, Sapphire Blue, Amethyst Purple and Ruby  Red and Cobalt Blue.


Sea Glass Drop Pebble Earrings In Multiple Colors

Sea Glass Color
  • The sea glass is made from hand tumbled recycled glass and each piece comes on a card and hand stamped box.


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